Cultural development strategies


  • Conception of economic models < >
  • Development of resources < >
  • Partnership strategies < >
  • Commercial strategies and development of cultural activities < >
  • Development strategies < >
  • Cultural engagement strategies < >
  • Conception, engineering and implementation of cultural projects < >
  • Artistic prospective, benchmarks and sourcing < >

NONFICTION conceives economic models for the actors of the cultural field, in order to assure their stability and offer them long term development perspectives. Beyond the question of profitability and in a context of restricted public funds, remains the issue of durability of the cultural players, which solution could be found through an innovative reflection on their economic and management models. These new models are also opportunities for international growth and audience development.

NONFICTION works in a very operational way alongside the cultural players, in order to accompany their strategy, the search and monitoring of the partnerships, enabling them to diversify and increase their own resources. We develop an expertise in many areas such as fundraising, partnerships, concessions, merchandising, brand licensing, communications content etc.

NONFICTION defines bespoke partnership strategies, at the service of the stakes of the cultural players we accompany, both public and private. Among those concerns : public relations development, legitimacy acquisitions, brand image consolidation, (co) production of cultural projects through relevant partnerships.

NONFICTION accompanies operationally, the cultural players that have a commercial activity. We become a concrete support for the conception and implementation of a commercial strategy for the development of their activity.

NONFICTION carries out precise audits for cultural players, coupled with a sharp knowledge of the sector’s stakes (on the basis of regular benchmarks and thanks to its network) in order to define the most adapted development orientations with them. Amongst the development refereeing that we explore are : activity diversification, growth, sustainability, the consolidation of a legitimacy, the construction of a brand image, etc. Our recommendations are supported by concrete implementation proposals.

NONFICTION accompanies individuals, philanthropes as well as compagnies that wish to make art and culture a strategic lever of engagement. We specifically define the most adapted positioning for this commitment. Example of missions : benchmark, brand and company audit, writing of the brand positioning, wording, implementation conditions, potential partnerships…

NONFICTION conceives cultural projects in order to address the companies and brands communication stakes. We identify precisely with our client the stakes at the core of its preoccupations : brand image to renew or consolidate, employment brand to create or develop, public relations to diversify or intensify, increase customer loyalty or develop customer base etc. The cultural project is an efficient lever for storytelling because it develops an associated image that engages senses and emotions.

NONFICTION captures creative tendencies for the professional and brands of the creative industries. Missions : international trend-books of talents to follow, in style practises, key artistic subjects, benchmarks on the competition, sourcing of projects, artists and artistic players for a commitment or a collaboration.



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